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About Us

old man in wheelchair with his caregiverWe are a family-oriented, morally-based business that specializes in the art of Rehabilitation Therapy. We provide home care therapy services in the states of Texas and New Mexico.

Healing Touch Rehab Consultants was established with the mission to provide professional rehabilitative services to patients in the comfort of their homes, to aid them towards achieving their maximum rehabilitative potential and functional independence.

The Healing Touch Motto

We have that special touch.

Once that’s full of care, love, hard work,
loyalty and compassion towards our patients.

A touch that heals!

What some patients have to say about us…

  • I am happy that you have helped my husband a lot. He is now able to do a lot more for himself; you are an excellent physical therapist. – Norma
  • Everything was perfect about the physical therapy services to my husband. Dr. Sodipe is very good. – Paula
  • The Physical Therapy treatment I received from your company has benefitted me a lot; I move around and go up the steps now. – Ray
  • I am very happy with my daughter’s progress. She had therapy for many months without much improvement. But when Dr. Sodipe took over, she made unbelievable progress, now able to move and use her right side. – Wilma

Contact Information

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